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Why Organic Clothes

Why should we choose organic clothes for our children? Pesticides used in conventional cotton farming is the most dangerous chemicals: at least five of them are known to cause cancer. Babies’ skin is very delicate and very sensitive. It absorbs toxins and chemicals like pesticides and synthetic colors into the blood stream and internal organs very easily. This means that children are at greater risk for pesticide-related health problems than adults.

The problem with organic baby clothes is the price. Unfortunately, organic clothes for both kids and adults may come with a hefty price, so how do you find affordable and safe clothing for your kids?

Once I started having kids I tried to give them the best and that included safe clothes for them. However, with three kids it was too expensive to buy all new organic clothes so I became the master at finding great and lightly used organic clothes for my children at a more affordable price.

Now want to make this available to all moms and in a more easy way than I have done it. So welcome to my store where I sell only lightly used organic baby and kids clothes. I promise you good, cute and good quality outfits that are free of perfymes and pets hair.



Fredrica a.k.a Green Mom

About Green Dad

James is a Green Dad. He has been married to Green Mom (aka Fredrica) for 17 years and is a father of 3. His primary career has been in software. He has started two software companies, worked in San Francisco, London, San Diego and now Stockholm. He is the Chief Product Officer for eBay Sweden. James’s interests outside of work round out his character. He is an Eagle Scout and loves nature and the outdoors, especially hiking and camping. While living in London, Fredrica and James started practicing yoga with more focus and intensity, and he became a certified yoga teacher. James hopes to inspire other dads to bring more consciousness to their family life … in the time they spend with their kids, in the impact they make on the planet and in the mindset they have about how we all live our lives.

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