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Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool More Eco-Friendly

By Jackie Edwards:

 If your family is like most, they love swimming in a pool, especially on long hot summer days. Nearly 19 million people in the United States live in a household with a pool. They’re fun and can be downright luxurious, but what about the downside? You know — the red, irritated eyes after you’ve been in the water for a long time, the dried-out hair, the smell? Chlorine has been a key ingredient in keeping pools sanitary, but it’s also harsh on our hair, skin and the environment. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your pool eco-friendlier.

Cover Up

The easiest way to make your pool greener is to put a cover on it. This will save both water and energy. The cover will also keep dirt and debris out of your pool, which means you don’t have to pump so often. Cover it whenever you’re not using it. It can save a ton on your water and energy bills. Getting a solar cover will help even more. You’ll be able to use fewer chemicals, too.

There’s also a safety factor involved. A cover will keep pets, birds and local wildlife from accidentally drowning. What could be better for the environment than that? It’s not meant to protect little ones, though, so be sure you still have a fence with a locked gate around your pool.

You also should take another look at how much you run your pump. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, pool pumps are responsible for about 10 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. That’s equal to over a million cars. Since most pool debris is usually found on top of the water, skim it withyour netmore often and run your pump for a shorter time. Instead of running it for the recommended 12 hours a day, you can cut that time in half. Your pool will still be clean, the environment will be better off, and you’ll save money.

Go Au Natural

If you really want to do the environment a favor, go natural. Consider a saltwater or natural pool. Natural pools work like aquariums in a way: they use aquatic plants and natural biological processes to keep the water clean. You can choose to swim among the plants as if the pool were a pond, or keep them separate — and there’s no nasty chlorine to irritate your eyes and skin. These types of pools do cost substantially more but will pay for themselves in energy savings and savings from not having to buy chemicals.

An eco-friendly swimming pool is a great idea and not difficult to accomplish. Just get a pool cover and use a little elbow grease to clean your pool. Every little bit really does help the environment and can save money, too. So, enjoy your pool and know you are doing your part to preserve our environment for the next generation.


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