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Tips for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Your Kids Will Love

Often viewed as a time to make merry and treat your kids to delicacies, birthdays are also an ideal time for bonding and family. However, like any other party, the effects of a birthday party to the environment are adverse.

With environmental conservation being a top agenda, it is only necessary to try and make your party as much eco-friendlyas it can be. However, planning an eco-friendly birthday may seem impossible. To some extent, you may have to forego the fun of birthday parties right? Well, that is not true.

With an eco-friendly birthday party, you get to save a substantial amount of money thus setting aside adequate funds to hire a birthday party entertainer. To ensure that you have an easy time going about it, here are some eco-friendly birthday party ideasfor your kid’s party.

  1. Order supplies from local suppliers

A top tip in organizingan eco-friendly birthday party is making local purchases. Given the manysuppliesrequired to hostbirthday parties, it may be tempting to travel miles to acquire each.

However,due to the effects of fume emissions to the environment, keeping them to a minimum is vital. As such, there is no need to ride across town for supplies you could quicklyget from your local suppliers. However, if it is essentialthat youdo this, consider boarding a public transport vehicle to and from your market of choice.

While shopping ensuresthat you get biodegradable decoration and components for vegan dishes. Vegan dishes for birthday parties may appearat first sound a little bit off. However, with a good recipe, you can prepare mouthwatering vegan dishes that animal products cannot rival.

According to researchers, a vegan dietwould reduce the carbon footprint by up to 73% thus reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Know the number of guests attending when planning for food

Food system ranks top of contributors to the emission of greenhouse gases. As such, ensuring that you cook only enough food at birthday parties is crucial. For this, come up with a menu before shopping and decide on dishes you will prepare.

Next, count the number of guests that have promised to turn up to your party and approximate the amount of food they will eat. While at this, ensure that you provide for the birthday party entertainer as it would be imprudent to subject them to a whole day of hunger.

By doing this, you go against the norm of many birthday parties and save a substantial amount of cash. Preventing cooking tons of food ensures that you invest time in showcasing excellence in every spoonful.

If the food remains,however, consider packing take away for guests or your kids as lunch.

  1. Drinks

For drinks, ensure that they come in biodegradable packaging and that they don’t contain chemicals that may harm your guests. Drinks from companies that engage environment-consciousmethods in their production are best for this.

Also, you may consider to make fruit drinks at home or buy drinks in big containers and serve your guests in smaller servings instead. To ensure that your kids love this, consider making them cocktail drinks and stocking up fruits they like.

  1. Indulge games that are less polluting

Of all birthday party ideas, this one is crucial to put into consideration. Apart from birthday party decorations, games atbirthday parties can contribute a considerableamount of confetti on the ground.

However, if it is of must that you use this, get biodegradable confetti thus maintaining fun without compromising on the environment— assuch, ensuring that you engage in games that don’t causepollution iscritical.

Among the games,you can consider include, tug of war, potato sack races and nature treasure hunts. If party games are not your forte;however, consider hiring kids party entertainers thus having some time for adult chats.

  1. Proper binning system

To reduce the adverse effects of pollution onthe environment, ensuring that you’reseparate your waste is only necessary. Apartfrom making it easy to recycle products, this providesthat you don’t put glass refuse with other rubbishthus preventing harm.

Also, this ensures that your kids adopt conservation habits as they grow thus being well armed with environmental protection tips.

  1. Beeswax candles

It takes small steps to cover a significantdistance. Although the pollution from birthday candles is the minimalper candle, the overall effect may surprise you. However, since it is an excellentelement in birthday parties, it is only necessary that you get beeswax candles.

  1. Eco-friendly party favors

Since many view gifts as the factor,you cannot control, party gifts may often go against eco-friendliness. For this, hint your guests in their digital invitations thus ensuring that they ward off plastic and non-biodegradable gifts.

Since the aim is to throw an eco-friendly birthday party that your kids will love,however, you cannot entirelydo away with gifts. Have wooden toys, metallic presents or if your kid is old enough a solar powered gift.

As a result, you get to uphold eco-friendlinessand also cost your guests a lower amount of money. A win-win for your kids, you and the guests.

Extra tip: when going about hiring a birthday party entertainer, ensure that they come from a genuine company. Thisnot only ensures that you get your money’s worth but also that you don’t open your doors to thugs.

Protecting what is dear to us is a top priority. However, to make kids feel appreciated is essential;thus it is only necessary to throw them great birthday parties. For this, follow the above tips for throwing an eco-friendly birthday party thus giving your kids a good time without polluting the environment.

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