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Three Ways To Stop Wasting Energy!

By Julie Zeff

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the things that you rely on every day that you plug in — your computer, phone, toaster, microwave, lights, camera, TV and DVD player? If they aren’t plugged in or recharged, then they just don’t have the energy to work.

busy-womanNow think about all of the things that you are metaphorically plugged into. Think of all the energy you devote to caring for your family. Think of the various physical activities you engage in during the day. Think of the mental energy you spend on work-related issues. Step back even further and think about your beliefs about yourself, the world and the people in your life.

Are you plugged into the activities and thoughts that get you what you want, or are you wasting plugs and energy on things that lead to frustration and exhaustion? We all have a finite number of plugs and a finite amount of energy. What are you plugging into?

Here are three ways to help you stop wasting your energy. Get plugged into what really matters.

  1. Unplug. Taken to the extreme (which can be helpful for many of us), literally unplug for 12 – 24 hours your computer, phone, TV, lights and anything else electric that you use. This can be a fun adventure with kids in the house, too. Unplug metaphorically as much as you can from all the other things that get your energy and attention. Live simply: go camping, hang by the water or go hiking maybe. Just be. Use this time to explore what really is most important to you. See what you miss. Create some quiet, introspective down time for yourself. If 12 – 24 hours seems too long, then try it for just an hour or two. Don’t forget to take some deep delicious breaths. Drink in this time and space, and notice what it’s like for you within your mind and body.unplug
  2. Plug Back In. Most of us aren’t going to choose to stay unplugged forever. So, when it’s time to plug back in, do it consciously. Think about what you want to plug back into or what you really missed. Use a rating scale if that helps you to think about each item, activity, thought or belief in your life. How important/helpful is it to you to plug back into ________? (0= least important, 10= most important). Journal about it or talk about it with someone you trust. Plug back in to only the most important and energizing things first — the things you rated with a 9 or 10 — and then see how many plugs and how much energy is left/free.  Experiment and let some plugs hang loose …
  3. Choose. Even when things seem daunting and impossible, remember that you have a choice. In any and every moment, you can choose where you are going to put your attention and focus. Are you going to put them on thoughts or activities that deplete you, or are you going to put them into the places that energize and enliven you?  At any time you can unplug cords that are frayed or no longer serve you, and you can plug in new ones or untangle old ones.

What are you going to consciously unplug from and plug into this month? When you use your energy to plug into what is most important to you, you’ll stop wasting energy and may even have some extra to plug into YOU!

Julie Zeff is a Life Coach for busy and working moms; author of Vivid Living for Busy Moms: Coach Yourself to an Extraordinary Life; and a trained Forest yoga instructor building strength and flexibility with emotional and spiritual intelligence. Request her FREE report – Top 10 Tips to Vivid Living —  or receive her FREE Monthly Coaching Tidbits and 5 Anytime, Anywhere Breathing Tips by visiting: http://www.vividliving.net. Download a FREE peek of her book, Vivid Living For Busy Moms here: http://vividliving.net/julies-book.

About Julie Zeff

Julie is a certified life coach, yoga instructor, author, and speaker who believes that absolutely everyone can live a vivid and extraordinary life. Her goal is to spread this belief and the tools to actually live it around the globe. Julie has worked for over 14 years in the personal growth and mental health fields. She brings the body (and often specifically yoga) into the coaching work that she does and brings life coaching into the yoga that she teaches. Julie teaches her clients to access the wisdom of their body and mind to help them transform their lives. Her professional mind-body journey began in 1998 when she worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Massage Therapist. She persistently tried to find a way to combine the two. But, it wasn’t until 2002 when she found Life Coaching (CTI, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach – CPCC) and Forrest Yoga (yoga teacher training) that there was a natural and passionate union that transformed her life and career forever. As a busy working mom with three children herself, she understands the challenges of trying to find that sweet spot in a busy world of work and family. She uses her own coaching tools each and every day to help her live a vivid and extraordinary life she loves! Whether through life coaching over the phone, or in a yoga class on a mat, Julie helps her clients tap into the innate truth and wisdom of their body and mind. They learn to make decisions with clarity and confidence. She guides them to courageously shed limiting patterns and beliefs. She helps her clients envision, design, and live their own unique, vivid, and extraordinary life. Julie was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago and now lives with her husband and three children in Atlanta, Georgia.

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