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5 Amazing Results from Practicing Yoga Daily

By Natalie Wilson:  The yoga industry has had its fair share of fads, with goat yoga and beer yoga making headlines in recent years, but there is one thing which has remained constant — people rolling out their yoga mats. Yoga is a great way for people to work up …

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Yoga Class Etiquette — the Basics

By Dawna Matthews As both a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher, I have learned a few essentials when it comes to ensuring that your class is enjoyable. When you keep these things in mind, you honor your class and your practice, as well as the practice of the other …

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Five-Minute Yoga Class — Five Minutes of Pure Bliss

By Fredrica Syren: I used to love going to yoga classes and would try to attend at least once a week. This ancient practice is known for its ability to reduce stress and boost well-being, but it also offers wide-ranging physical health benefits such as improved brain function, a stronger …

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The Yoga Collective Review and Giveaway

By Emma Grace Fairchild: I recently began a home yoga practice, thanks to an online yoga website. Based in Venice Beach, California, The Yoga Collective is a studio that has created “your ‘om’ for online yoga” through their online yoga class library. They have hundreds of different classes ranging in …

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Why Practice Prenatal Yoga When You’re Pregnant

By Arianna Pinney: “What a child learns in the womb cannot be learned on earth…” – Yogi Bhajan Pregnancy is a profound and sacred journey, so much so that a woman’s experience through pregnancy can define her relationship with her child and herself into eternity. During this journey, more than …

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Healing Power of Yoga

 By Centehua: There is no question that spiritual practices like yoga have profound healing benefits for mind, body and soul. The West is catching on and our culture has embraced Yoga as it continues to revolutionize the world of exercise. Yoga is not merely exercise: the word literally means “union.” …

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Be Still and Know You Are Grounded, Loved and Supported

 By Dawna Matthews:   Fall is the season in Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science of medicine associated with the Vata Dosha, which is predominantly noted by the elements air, space and movement. All of nature (including us) is bound by the synergy between the three doshas or primal energies. As Vata is …

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Kids + Yoga = Mindfulness

By Fredrica Syren Doctors already agree that practicing yoga and meditation can be very helpful to our health, but now the question is whether or not it can be beneficial to children in school as well. The answer is yes. According to an article in Forbes Magazine, putting these practices …

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Too Busy To Get Your Yoga Practice In—Do Yoga Online

By Fredrica Syren I have to admit I have gone from practicing yoga every day to practicing many times a week to practicing a few times and now, well, never.  With three kids, I just have a hard time finding the time and, since my little one is only 12 …

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