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Meatless Monday–Thai Street Noodles

By Fredrica Syren Happy Monday and if you’re planning a meatless Monday here is a recipe for you. Sundays are in general pretty busy here at home, so dinner has to be something that can be made fast but still be tasty and nutritional. I also love when it’s easy …

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Veggie Stir-Fry

Bella had her first sleepover party this weekend which left us alone with Noah. It was so quiet and empty without her. I missed her a lot. She had a great time however and that’s what matters. By the time I got home from a baby shower Noah was already …

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Stir-fry cabbage and kale in a creamy balsamic sauce

This dish came out very pink and purple which was quit funnybecause it matched Bella’s outfit for the day and what better way to get yourkids to eat vegetables than if they match themJOtherwise, kids usually like this dish because it has a slight sweetness fromthe balsamic vinegar. I served …

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We’re doing some renovations and changes to our home so it’s been filled with workers, dust and a whole lot of noise all day. At 5:30 pm when they finally stopped for the day, I was beat and had zero energy to cook. But I still had to so I …

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Hungry and Busy- Mom’s Spicy Stir-Fry

I find myself cooking and eating much faster since Noah was born. This has made my lunches kind of one sided. Salad or vegetables with a need for very simple and fast ideas for a meal. This stir-fry is fits the bill and it is also perfect for dinner when …

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Hoisin seitan and a peek at out temporary kitchen

It’s very hard to cook in someone else kitchen and our temporary kitchen is so small it’s almost impossible to cook something more advance or bake for that matter. We and Bella had planned to bake ginger breads but will not happen until we get back home now. So now …

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Orange sand cilantro seitan and noodles

We have a small orange tree growing next to our house and it has produced two oranges which were too tart to eat but not to cook with. The result is orange seitan which taste a little sweet and sour I guess. I do think this would taste great made …

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Stirfry noodles and vegetables with peanut sauce

I’ve been craving peanut butter and Thai food so today’s dinner was stir fry noodles with peanut sauce. The sweet peanut sauce is great for kids and can hide a lot of vegetables. Bella is not crazy for carrots but under a layer of peanut sauce it was OK. I …

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Fast lunch with sweet & sour flavors

Today I  made lunch on the fly and cleaned out the fridge. The outcome? Well I cut my index finger on my brand new knifes and taadaaa, and the creation is sweet & sour stir fry with a twist. The twist being I used Swedish lingon preserve for the sweetness …

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Soy Sauce Infused Shiitake Mushrooms and Bean Sprouts

Just after the birth of our daughter Isabella we had a postpartum doula care for us. Aparna is wonderful and she cooked the most amazing and wholesome food. She brought wholesome food to our new family after too long on take-out. One of her dishes James loved so much was soy sauce infused …

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