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Fun Ways to Upcycle Paper

By Larraine Roulston : To amuse children, we have been upcycling paper since the invention of newspapers, magazines and calendars. Traditional ways for youngsters to utilize paper include making paper airplanes, decorative chains, fans, hats and snowflakes. Children also delight in cutting out and coloring “paper people” holding hands. This craft is shaped by folding the …

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Organizing with Mason Jars

By Kim Robson: As an avid fan of canning fresh foods, I always have handy a number of mason jars in varying sizes and shapes. Glass canning or mason jars are tough, versatile, dishwasher safe, see-through, non-reactive and plastic-free. They are inexpensive and often sold in flats of twelve. Save …

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Denim Jeans Recycling

By Fredrica Syren: This last summer my husband had two of his denim Levis jeans rip and become unwearable. And my kids, well, they go through jeans as if they were being dragged on the ground all day long. Of course I try to patch and repair as best as I can to extend their life a wee bit longer, but ultimately the jeans’ days are numbered. Then the question …

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Upcycle Is the New Recycle

By Larraine Roulston: Upcycling, also referred to as recycling or repurposing, is the new term used for taking something either outdated, worn or basically no longer wanted for its original purpose, and transforming it into something useful. The idea is to become creative and think of ways to retool or …

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Bringing New Life to Your Outdated Sweater

By Amanda Wilkes: It is nearly time for spring cleaning, and this year I am including my closet on the list of things to do. Most of the time I donate old clothes that I am no longer wearing; however, I’m thinking of doing something different with my outdated sweaters. …

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Ways To Repurpose Old Wine Corks

By Kim Robson: Cork comes from the bark tissue of the Quercus suber (Cork Oak) tree, which is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Because cork is impermeable, buoyant, elastic and fire retardant, it is used for a variety of commercial purposes, including flooring, acoustic and thermal insulation, fishing …

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Eco-Couture: On Trend in Clothing and the Environment

By Dawna Matthews: It seems the newest trend in fashion is upcycling and sustainable design.There has been a marked increase in designers focusing on innovative designs based on sustainable practices and materials. Not only are designers focusing on the environment, but buyers are also increasing the demand and desire for …

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Young Business Owner Inspires with Upcycled Designs

By Fredrica Syren: I love meeting people in general, but I particularly love meeting people who inspire  others in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. When I met Emilie Sandstrom at a local organic store and café, she was busy knitting. She explained that she likes keeping her hands busy. Emilie …

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Upcycling and Sustainability

 By Kim Robson: At Green-Mom, we’ve discussed recycling on a number of different levels, from shabby chic decorating ideas, to uses for repurposed baby food jars. For decades, using recycled materials has been the standard for sustainability. Today, though, the bar is set higher for recycling – now we’re looking at the possibilities for …

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Reduce Waste and Upcycle with TerraCycle

By Asha Kreiling While writing a previous article on green dental care, I found out about a great company called TerraCycle, which offers a program to accept “non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste,” such as toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes. After looking at the website , I decided TerraCycle deserved an article …

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