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Clean and Green Home Without Toxic Household Cleaners

By Fredrica Syren: When you clean with regular household cleaners, have you ever noticed the strong smell? Once I became a mom, I began thinking about what was really in all those cleaners I used all over the house where my kids would be moving around and be in contact …

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Fatal Beauty-Lead In Lipstick

By Amanda Wilkes: As I  look at that perfect shade of lipstick and feel it smooth along my lips, I only wish that it was poisoning me. We have removed lead from our paints, our homes and our gasoline, how on earth is it still allowed in our lipstick? It’s …

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Chewing on Plastic? Ewwwwww!

By Fredrica Syren: My 8-year-old recently became old enough to enjoy the occasional piece of gum. All her friends are chewing gum and, since I bought her a sugar-free type, I didn’t see a problem with it. It made me remember my own experience with Hubba Bubba, Big Bubbles, No …

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