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Tofu Tikka Masala

By Fredrica Syren: My husband is the one who turned me on to Indian food. However, my first time trying it was not very successful because we went to an Indian buffet and I ate something too spicy. My mouth was on fire, so I swore I never would eat …

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Meatless Monday — Spicy Peanut and Sriracha Tofu

By Fredrica Syren: I’ve craved spicy Asian food lately, so when I found this recipe on Pinterest, I just knew I had to try it. Served with rice noodles and stir-fried vegetables, it was very satisfying. I suggest starting by adding little sriracha, adjusting the amount according to how spicy you want …

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Meatless Monday — Tofu Egg Salad

By Fredrica Syren: Happy Monday, everyone! I love Mondays and have no anxiety about a new week. I just love the fresh start, I guess. However, Monday is my crazy day because I have tons of work, due to a deadline and my daughter’s having ballet class in the afternoon. …

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Setting the Record Straight: Is Soy Good or Harmful?

By Fredrica Syren: Last week on Facebook, a friend of mine said she was confused about whether or not soy is good for you. She is not alone in her confusion because in the media we hear praise for soy and then, on the other hand, how harmful it can …

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Thyme Tofu Patties

The days just seems to last forever here in Sweden and many thanks is due to long daylight. We spend so much time outside having fun. Most lunches are eaten out but dinner we have at home. Yesterday I made thyme tofu pattie and we ate them with mashed potatoes, …

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Tofu Green Curry

I’ve long wanted to give a try into making my own curry paste. It’s so easy that I can’t believe it took me this long to actually make it and I love the aroma of curry in the house after you cook it. I used real coconut milk from a coconut …

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Tofu and coconut stew

Last night dinner was tofu that the kids have been bugging me to cook for a while and since I had leftover coconut milk I used that and made a stew. I served with sprouted brown rice and my family all were super happy. ½ package extra firm tofu, drained …

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eggless egg salad

This tofu based eggless egg salad is the perfect lunch or picnic food and super easy to make. I love placing it between fresh country bread, stuffed into a pita pocket or on the side of large mixed green salad. The recipe is originally Martha Steward’s Favorite Comfort Food cookbook …

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BBQ Tofu Neatloaf

Happy Valentine’s day! Today Bella is feeling better but I’m feeling sick instead. Typical for Valentine’s day right? Well the weather is also behaving strange and it’s been so cold and rainy lately and it does not help that we’re stuck inside all day:( However later this evening me and …

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BBQ tofu stir fry

Bella is still feeling pretty bad and we’re now on day 3 of fever and I’m getting fed up with it. My poor baby is so brave but not feeling well at all so she lays and rest a lot and we read books, paint etc. I sure hope she …

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