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How to Raise a Green Toddler

By Larraine Roulston: First, kudos to the La Leche League and its volunteers who inspire women to nurse their babies. Their efforts marked an important turning point for mothers to return to nourishing their infants naturally. Secondly, a more recent natural “movement” called Elimination Communication promotes the EC method that not only involves …

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Oh The Joy Of The Why Questions!

By Fredrica Syren: One of my least favorite phases of kids’ development is the “why” phase. My youngest Liam just started it; I had totally forgotten how tiring it could be. Everything I say to him is followed by “Why?” I have learned that it’s important to answer the question as …

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7 Outdoor Montessori Activities for Toddlers

By Aradhana Pandey:  When my husband and I had our first child, we had decided to expose him to the outdoor world from a very young age. Having had some of our best childhood learnings and memories associated with nature and outdoor adventure, we wanted our little one to enjoy …

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Natural Baby Care

By Chef Centehua I became a mother sixteen years ago. As a young mother, I had strong feelings about the environment in which I wanted to raise my child. Of course, well-intentioned family members gifted me things and products they thought I could use. I wasn’t as outspoken then as …

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Five Tips to Surviving the Terrible 2s & Beyond!

By Julie Zeff Most people who know me know that I’m not exactly a “baby person.” Don’t get me wrong: I have three kids – a 4-, a 6- and an 8-year-old whom I adore with all my heart and soul. But, saying that their 2-year-old birthdays were big days …

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Big Step for Toddler—Disaster for Mommy

By Fredrica Syren Ever since he could walk, my 20-month-old Noah has been a climber. On top of this, he’s also a daredevil, which in a mommy’s world equals disaster just waiting to happen. Not only will he climb furniture but, once up there, he will stand up, and start …

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The Toddler Weight Issue

By Fredrica Syren My 20-month-old son is a big boy. He has thick legs with muscles. He has big feet and hands. And he’s tall. I guess you would say he’s a solid little man. On so many occasions, at the park and other places, I have run into strangers …

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