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Tips on Reducing Waste

By Centehua: We are living in the most exciting and important time of our evolution. The world is rapidly changing, and we must recognize how the way we live impacts our environment. This is the perfect time to make vital changes in order to shift the course we are heading …

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Review: Little Green Pouch

By Fredrica Syren Being out and about with three little kids always poses a problem when it comes to snacks. Sure, we can just buy a snack anywhere and we do sometimes. However, it’s very hard to find a nutritional and organic snack that’s suitable for vegetarian kids with dairy …

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Getting Married Without Breaking the Bank

By Kim Robson With the cost of the average wedding in the U.S. at a whopping $28,000, many young or financially strapped couples find themselves putting off marriage. I believe that if you and your partner are in love, then marriage is the logical next step. Money should never stand …

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You Can’t Do It Alone!

By Julie Zeff Happy May! Happy Mother’s Day! This is a time to celebrate. This is a time to honor all of the conscious energy (and sometimes not-so-conscious energy), love, spirit, commitment, passion and intention you bring to your kids, your family and your life as a mom. You are …

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Eating Organic on a Budget

By Asha Kreiling Eating organic means eating healthier, more sustainable, pesticide-, chemical-free food. Unfortunately, it also tends to mean buying more expensive food. When you buy organic, you’re paying for extra production labor, processing time, marketing, and organic certification. While conventional produce and food products are typically easier on your …

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Top Ten Household Products To Avoid When Going Green

By Fredrica Syren Once you have decided to go green and live a life reducing your carbon footprint, knowing where to start might be overwhelming. I always believe in dreaming big but starting small, so when my family decided to really make the effort to live a green lifestyle, we …

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Green Gift Giving

Don’t forget about the giveaway of What to Expect When Expecting and What to Expect The First Year. All you have to do is post a comment with an explanation why you would like one of these books. This might be a great Christmas present.The giveaway ends on December 17th. By …

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Ways to Recycle Old T-shirts

 By Kim Robson We all have some old t-shirts cluttering up our closets and drawers. They might be faded, misshapen, stained, or full of  holes. They might have logos that bring back happy memories. They might be too aged to donate to Goodwill. Aside from making them into diapers or …

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Me Time Tips

By Julie Zeff I bet you’re busy — especially as the holidays draw near.  Do you own a business or work from home?  Maybe you have a family or volunteer in your community.  How’s that work-life balance coming along? If you are like most of the people I know, then …

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Fall Gardening Tips

 By Kim Robson Many of us carefully cultivate our gardens during the spring and summer, only to ignore them come fall and winter. In fact, fall is the best time to tackle many important projects. There are also plenty of crops like beets, bok choy, bush beans, carrots, kale, lettuce, …

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