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Mustard baked temphe

I love Thursdays because it’s our date night and tonight we started out with a fun walk in Balboa park and ended with a nice dinner at Lotus cafe. For the kids and Amanda I made baked tempeh which was not Bella favorite but Noah loved it but then again …

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Ginger and honey baked tempeh

Oh boy have I dealt with one cranky little boy today. I think he had some tummy problems because he keep squirming and could not get comfortable. I needed to end the day with something comforting and it ended in something from my mom’s kitchen. My mom used to use …

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Baked tempeh

Tempeh is a whole soybean product which is naturally culturing and controlled fermentation process which binds the soy into a cake form. It’s nutritional characteristics and textural qualities are different from tofu. The process to make tempeh makes it more nutritional than tofu as well as give it a different …

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