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Innovations in Running Shoes from Adidas

By Kim Robson: We’ve already heard about sustainable footwear made from pineapple waste or carbon dioxide. Now, running shoe manufacturer Adidas is making encouraging strides in developing shoe materials that are biodegradable or repurposed from ocean trash. In the first case, Adidas has produced a prototype shoe called Futurecraft, made …

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Step Into Green Footwear

By Kim Robson: I have a friend who is hard-core vegan. This goes further than just diet, though; he wants his clothing to be free of animal products, too. Do you know how hard it is to find belts and shoes that aren’t made with leather? Especially if you have …

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Steps Toward Less Shoe Waste

By Fredrica Syren: The right running shoe can make exercise so much fun. However, most of us never think about what happens to shoes when we’re finished with them. I used to either donate or give away old shoes, but I would send some broken and worn ones to a …

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