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Meatless Monday–Seitan au Vin

By Fredrica Syren: This is my idea of comfort food, probably because I grew up with a mom who was a chef and loved to cook international food. She made a very nice Coq au Vin on Sundays, and I believe the secret was in the sauce. This is my …

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Adobo stew

I found a recipe for adobo in Veg News and I have to admit I never heard about this dish before but it looked and sounded good so I gave it a try. Adobo is a traditional Filipino stew and this case it’s made with seitan instead of meat. I …

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Seitan Chorizo

My husband asked me to get some soy chorizo but when I went to the store to get it, I made a mistake (or not) and started reading the ingredients list and put the chorizo right back. With a list so long of additives that most I cannot pronounce or …

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Seitan in Balsamic Sauce

Balsamic vinegar is more than just a perfect addition to a salad dressing. I like using balsamic to make sauces because it adds a very nice sweetness to it. I served this dish with roasted potatoes and it was a super hit with both kids and adults alike. 1 tbs …

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Black pepper and molasses pulled seitan

My husband always say it’s not the meat dishes he’s missing it’s the sauce or spices it came with so I find it very easy to make traditional meat dishes vegetarian because all I really have do to is a great sauce. This traditional dish pulled pork I made by …

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Seitan and mushroom stew

I had two five year olds at home yesterday afternoon so I had to act like a referee A LOT.  Or at least until I finally had it and told them either they play nice or not but not to come to me anymore. It worked!!! I was very happy …

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Seitan in a wine marsala sauce

Yesterday was the first time I used the seitan I made the other day and I’m very happy with the result and texture of this seitan plus it’s so cheap to make. I made Italian food in the form of seitan marsala and it was divine. I served it with …

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Homemade seitan

I’ve made seitan from scratch before but never been super impressed with the results until today. I just got fed up with the cost of store bought seitan so I did some research and found a super easy recipe on a Swedish blog. It just requires all-purpose flour and water …

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Herb grilled seitan & bulgur salad

Yesterday was a big day for us because first dropped off a couple of home made meals for friends who just became parents to a beautiful little girl name Violet. She was welcomed by her parents off course but also two older brothers. In the afternoon some other friends came …

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Amanda’s favorite pasta sauce

Yesterday we celebrated Noah’s first birthday with a huge pancake breakfast party. I know it’s 3 weeks late but because we were traveling from Sweden and he was sick when we got home and then we struggled with jetlag it just seemed like a good idea to wait to have …

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