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New Regulations To Rid Schools of Junk Foods

By Fredrica Syren The latest effort to combat childhood obesity is now a quest to transform what kids eat in the nation’s 100,000 schools. The kinds of snacks and drinks available to kids will now be regulated. As of next year, high-calorie sports drinks and candy bars will no longer …

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Whole Lunches in School and Home – A Revolution

By Dawn Matthews Food is something I am passionate about. My father and grandmother always instilled in me the way family comes together, the way you nurture one another through the preparation, the cooking, and the eating, and just the sharing of food and time at the table. Every day …

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Make Your School Grow With a School Garden

By Kim Robson School gardens provide a dynamic and beautiful learning environment for kids, where science, math, reading, environmental studies, nutrition, and health can be taught. There, children can experience a deeper understanding of nature and become better stewards of the Earth. They learn how to design the garden, then …

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Obama’s Nutrition Bill

In an effort to make children’s school lunches and dinners more nutritional, President Obama signed into law the Child Nutrition Legislation on Monday. You might have heard about it or even seen Michelle Obama speak about on TV as she is a huge supporter and joined her husband when this …

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