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Root Vegetable Red Curry

If you like us eat for the seasons then winter is when we eat most root vegetables and we even grow lots of them in our garden. They work great in stews and soup but our favorite way to eat them is in curry.             …

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One Pot Warming Meals for Autumn

By Emma Grace Fairchild: If you’ve read the recent article on seasonal autumn produce, you may be inspired to get into the kitchen and get cooking. This is a great time of year for warm, hearty dishes like soups, stews and porridge. With cold season and winter holidays coming up, …

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Celebrate Your Roots — Turn Root Vegetables into Fun Dishes

By Fredrica Syren: For someone who tries to eat organic and local, and lives in a cold climate, winter usually means endlessly eating root vegetables. That may not seem very inspiring or sexy, but root vegetables are super good for you and usually are pretty cheap food. With some inspiration …

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Go Back to Your Roots — Root Vegetables

By Chef Centehua: Knowing your roots is empowering. Knowing how to prepare your roots is a delicious way to stay healthy. “Root” means any underground part of a plant. Root vegetables such as beet, carrot, yam, potato, tuber, ginger, rutabaga, onion, celery root, garlic, shallot, radish, fennel, daikon radish, burdock, Jerusalem artichoke, etc., …

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