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Chipotle, Foodborne Illnesses, and Sustainability

By Emma Grace Fairchild: Food safety is a complex process. It is also an industry that must constantly adapt to our changing technology and food supply. As consumers, we expect the foods we purchase and prepare to be safe and not to make us sick: however — from bacterial contamination …

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Kids Food In Restaurants–Leaves Something To Be Desired

By Fredrica Syren: Last weekend we went to an all vegan and raw restaurant here in Stockholm. To my kids’ delight, they had a huge menu to choose from: smoothies, breads with dips, cut up veggies with hummus, fruit slices and much, much more. They settled on beet smoothies, cut up veggies …

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Big Chain Hamburgers Aiming For Sustainable

By Kim Robson: About a year ago, McDonald’s announced it would be working with its supply chain of ranchers and packers toward its goal of purchasing sustainable beef starting in 2016. Canada is the program’s pilot country, and verified sustainable beef should be appearing in McDonald’s restaurants there sometime next …

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Eating Green — Sustainable Restaurants on the Rise

By Dawna Matthews: You may have noticed a word around town, in places you shop, on the internet, and in restaurants and cafes. The word is “sustainable.” What does sustainable mean? It means to use methods or techniques that do not completely use all resources and allow for future use. …

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Zero Waste … Greenest Restaurant In the Midwest

By Larraine Roulston: When customers stop by Sandwich Me In, a small Chicago restaurant, they leave not only satisfied but also energized, having enjoyed locally produced, fresh, healthy food. And they are pleased that their dining experience created zero waste. In May 2012, owner and head chef Justin Vrany opened …

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