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Raw dessert = pure nutrition

By Fredrica Syren: On Sunday evenings I make dessert for my family.  My kids do not eat very much sugar and my golden rule is if goes into their mouths, it has to have some sort of nutrition.  Raw desserts are my favorite way to “un”-cook yummy treats because there is …

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No Bake Summer Fruit Treats

By Fredrica Syren: I love summer for many reasons, but one major explanation is the abundance of fresh, sweet berries and fruit available only during summer months. My family love eating fruit and berries as is, but it’s also fun to make enjoyable treats and desserts. However, during the warm …

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Raw “Tabouleh” Stuffed Tomatoes

By Fredrica Syren Phew! Just when I thought summer was over here in Sweden, it got super hot again. During summer months (and even in the winter sometimes), my family and I love eating raw food. I know I could never be a 100% raw foodie, but I believe it’s …

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Hemp for Health and Sustainability

By Asha Kreiling From fiber to food, hemp is a wonder plant. You can eat the seeds, drink the milk, wear the clothes, write on the paper, and even build your home with the fibers. The multifunctional plant grows rapidly year-round, producing a large bulk of useful plant material, and …

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The Raw on Raw Milk

 By Kim Robson “Raw milk” is simply milk that has not been pasteurized, homogenized, irradiated, or frozen; neither has it been treated with additives, chemicals, or UV light. Raw milk is natural, untouched milk straight from cows, goats, or sheep, and in some countries, camels or buffalo. Pasteurization heats milk …

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Legalize it–The Fight For Raw Milk

By Chef Centehua No, I’m not talking about hemp or same sex marriage. Today I am talking about a delicious and nutrient rich drink – milk. Yes, milk is now the big controversy and, like hemp and same sex marriage, raw milk has wonderful benefits to our society but remains …

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Aloha and yummy juice

Aloha from paradise also known as our vacation in beautiful Paia on Maui. We have been here for two days and we love it. We enjoy walks on the beach and relaxing times. We are so in love with all the local goodies and fruit is included in pretty much …

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Last Post Before Maui

To get into the spirit of Hawaii, I made a yummy pina colada smoothie for breakfast. I can’t wait to have fresh pineapple and to visit local farmers market in Hawaii  Juice and meat from one young coconut 1 cup pineapple chunks 1 Banana Blend everything in a blender and …

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Kids Smoothies

My friend Chef Centehua has written an article posted today on my web site Green-Mom.com. It’s about smoothies for kids and fun ways to add nutrition to a smoothie. Check it out!!! 

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Sweet Green Juice

We like to drink a lot of vegetables juices and like to add lots of green leafs and beets. However I know it’s might not be for someone starting out with green juices so here is a beginners juice that is mild and sweet. 2 celery stalks 2 red apples …

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