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Why You Should Eat More Beans

By Larraine Roulston: When we enjoy more plant-based foods on our dinner plates, not only will we become healthier, but also our action will have a positive impact on the planet.For centuries, beans have been an important part of our diet. Beans and other legumes, such as chick peas and …

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Spirulina—The Colorful Superfood

By Fredrica Syren: Spirulina must be one of the healthiest foods you can eat. I eat it pretty much every day and even use it to make a facial maskJ I can see why this blue/green micro-algae (it’s a seaweed) might turn people off. It grows naturally in oceans and …

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A Close Look at Meat

By Chef Centehua First of all, I’d like to ask the questions “Where is the beef?” or “Where does it come from?” Of course that is followed by another question: “What’s in the meat?”  Our grandparents didn’t have to ask these questions. Their meat came from the farmer who had a few cows …

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Proteins for Vegans and Vegetarians

By Asha Kreiling Any vegan or vegetarian will tell you the question they are asked most often from meat eaters is “Where do you get your protein?” As a vegetarian with vegan tendencies, I expect this question to come up in every conversation about my diet. It gets old, but …

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Baked Egg and Avocado

By Fredrica Syren I bet you all are preparing for New Years Eve festivities by now but if you looking for something festive to eat for tomorrow breakfast to celebrate the first day of the 2013 here is a great one. This is a dish I made for Christmas day …

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Hemp — Makes It Easy Being Green

By Chef Centehua The hemp plant has been cultivated for millennia, its use dating back to the Neolithic Age in China, Asia, the Middle East, and eventually Western Europe. It’s known to be one of the first domesticated crops, mainly for the strength of its fiber, which is effective for ropes, …

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  By Amanda Wilkes: Until a few weeks ago, I associated eggs only with a happy holiday called Easter and funny riddles like Humpty Dumpty. I did not like the smell, taste, or even the look of eggs before I was introduced to an all new kind of egg, a …

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Got (Raw) Milk?

By Chef Centehua The benefits of living foods are undeniable. They supply a surplus of energy and vitality, cell renewal, balancing of hormones, and an overall feeling of health and well being. The phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables protect the cells from damage and help prevent cancer. They also provide …

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Becoming an Herbivore

By Asha Kreiling: Like many American children, I grew up eating and loving meat in its many forms.  I have fond memories of eating Filipino take-out food at the mall, stopping at In and Out Burger on long road trips, and my parents teaching me how to use a steak …

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