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Zero Waste Kitchen-Keeping Produce Fresh

By Kim Robson: I’m sad to admit it: my house is where fresh produce goes to die. Every week, and with the best intentions, I get these lovely specimens of healthy eating, but all too often they’re rotten before I can get around to using them. I feel terribly guilty …

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Preventing Food Waste–How To Keep Your Produce Fresh Longer

By Larraine Roulston: It is often a challenge to use up all your fresh vegetables and fruits before they start to look less desirable. When you discover you have more produce than you can eat in the immediate future, freeze some while it is still fresh. Alternatively, make preservatives or …

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Pesticides and Produce: The Clean 15 vs. the Dirty Dozen

By Amanda Wilkes: We live in a pick and choose world … even when we’re at the grocery store, the options are abundant. With today’s technology, we have the ability to make the best choice in most situations, including whether to buy foods that are known to have pesticides or …

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Inglorious Foods–Reclaiming Imperfect Produce

By Kim Robson: Few people realize that millions of pounds of nutritious, perfectly good produce in packing houses and in the fields and orchards are discarded after the harvest is finished. We’ve written before about Coachella Valley’s Hidden Harvest campaign, which retrieves hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh, locally grown …

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