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Pesticides in Produce Linked to Infertility

By Kim Robson: Women who are planning to become pregnant are advised to eat lots of fruits and vegetables with plenty of vitamins and fiber. But there is a rising concern that pesticide residues on those very fruits and veggies are resulting in a higher risk of infertility and a …

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Acupuncture For A Healthy, More Comfortable Pregnancy.

By Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac.: New patients often will call wanting to know if acupuncture is safe to receive while they are pregnant. Absolutely. When acupuncture is administered by a licensed practitioner, it is more than safe. Acupuncture actually assists in creating a healthy, more comfortable pregnancy. From the first trimester symptoms …

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Rainbow Baby Blessing

By Fredrica Syren: The day my son Noah was born was one of my happiest. He made us a family of four, brought us a son, and made our first child a big sister. But what most people don’t know about Noah is that he’s extra special because he’s our …

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Healing Morning Sickness The Natural Way

By Valerie Yoder A few months ago, I learned I am pregnant with my second child. My partner and I thought, “Hooray! New baby!” — and then the nausea set in. I had pretty severe nausea during my first pregnancy but was able to get through it by sleeping in, …

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Serving of Seafood & a Side of Mercury

 By Asha Kreiling Sorry, pregnant ladies, no fish for you. If you’ve ever had a baby in your belly, then a doctor’s warning to limit or remove fish from your diet during pregnancy probably sounds familiar. I first heard of this while I was having a family dinner at a …

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The Benefits of Co-sleeping

By Fredrica Syren Being a mom for over six years, I thought I had it all figured out. And then kid number 3 is born, and he comes with a whole new personality and new ways of doing things. When it comes to methods of raising our children, my husband …

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The Waiting Game — Babies Come at Their Own Time

By Fredrica Syren As I write this, I’m sitting here, super pregnant and 10 days away from my due date. There is not one day that goes by when someone doesn’t call to check whether I’m in labor or the baby has arrived yet. Who can blame them since every day …

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Fun Ideas for a Mom on Bed Rest

By Fredrica Syren Today, I’m finishing my 5th week on bed rest. Clearly it’s working because the baby is still happily cooking and shows no plans to enter this world early any more. Phew!!! It’s super hard to just lie here; after this many weeks, I’m bored out of my mind …

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A Greener Disposable Diaper?

By Dawna Matthews While I was still expecting my daughter, I researched the vast world of diaper options. My husband and I wanted to be as green and ecologically responsible as possible while still protecting our baby and getting the best performance out of the product, so we decided to use …

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