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Au Revoir Plastic Cups—France to Ban Plastic Cups and Dishes

By Fredrica Syren: France is once again proving to be a pioneer as a country by making changes that will benefit the planet. They already have banned plastic bags and food waste for grocery stores, and now have taken another positive green step as the first country to ban plastic …

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20 Ways to Skip Plastic

By Fredrica Syren: It’s been two years now since my family began our journey to go plastic free. How is it going, you might wonder. The truth is that going completely plastic free is more difficult than we expected because plastic is in EVERYTHING. But we have for sure reduced …

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Plastic Diet—Tips on Going Plastic-free

By Fredrica Syren: For so long, I’ve been fed up with plastic in my life, so years ago I decided to commit to no plastic bags at all. While living in the U.S., it was a challenge because every time I went shopping or got takeout food, there was that …

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