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Think Twice Before Drinking Bottled Water

By Molly Connell: The bottled water industry is a profitable business for the companies involved. In the United States, 11.7 billion gallons of bottled water are drunk annually — enough to fill the Empire State Building 42 times. This consumption makes bottled water a $170 billion business, which theoretically should …

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What Are BPAs and How Can They Be Avoided?

Fredrica Syren: As you may have read this month, I have joined the Plastic-Free July Challenge. One very good reason for avoiding plastic is that it is chemical laden. Most of us have heard of BPA and that we should avoid it. Many people assume that BPA is only in …

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Plastic-Free July Challenge

By Fredrica Syren a.k.a. Green Mom: You might have seen on Facebook or Instagram that I have joined the Plastic-Free July challenge. I know it might seem as though it would not be much of a challenge for me, who constantly nags about plastic, but the truth is that I’m …

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The Real Problem with Plastic

By Fredrica Syren: By now I feel like a broken record, nagging about how we need to reduce the use of plastic. But I just can’t stop because plastic pollution is a real problem — a huge one — so let’s break down what plastics are and what their devastating …

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Alternatives to Bottled Water & Soda

By Larraine Roulston : A jaw dropping moment for me was hearing, “Buy Bottled Water.”What!! Why would anyone want to pay extra to drink water that has been stored in plastic? Clean drinking water is a human right with governments being held accountable to keep it that way. With very few exceptions, municipal tap …

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The Need to Reduce Plastic

By Larraine Roulston : If you love eating fish, you’ll be distressed to learn that researchers from Belgium’s University of Ghent recently revealed that every year seafood eaters ingest up to 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic. The scientists claim that, over time, micro-plastics that become embedded and accumulate in the body’s tissues could possibly pose …

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Making Eco-friendly Choices at the Grocery Store

By Larraine Roulston : Many years ago I offered eco-friendly supermarket tours as an event during Canada’s Waste Reduction Week. With approximately a dozen concerned citizens each time, I noted the items that were either a wise or a poor environmental choice. As the activity also provided a good opportunity for …

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Learn How To Recycle Plastic Properly

By Larraine Roulston: Have you ever wondered how plastic is recycled? The process involves different types of plastics melted and blended with new raw materials that create pellets or powder which are then used to create the same packaging or different products, such as decking or sturdy tote shopping bags. We all …

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The Path of a Recycled Bottle

By Kim Robson: We all know recycling is critically important to the health of our planet. Rather than making new bottles from scratch, recycling glass bottles allows new bottles to be created with less energy and fewer new raw materials, which aids conservation and improves energy efficiency. But have you …

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Ditch the Plastic In Your Water Bottle

By Larraine Roulston: Most of us on earth are incredibly fortunate to have the luxury of clean, filtered drinking water at our fingertips. In gratitude we need to give our children the gift of a reusable water bottle, yet many North Americans are in the habit of choosing water in …

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