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Time for Plastic-Free Supermarket Aisles

By Larraine Roulston : On March 12th, I listened to CBC radio to hear host Michael Enright interview Sian Sutherland who founded the group Plastic Planet. After learning about a beached whale off the west coast of Norway with its stomach full of plastic that included 30 bags, this British-based group began its environmental …

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California Voted Yes on Plastic Bag Ban

By Fredrica Syren: Wow, what an election it was! And I for one am happy that something positive did come out of all this: California voted yes on Proposition 67 to ban single use plastic bags. So what does this exactly mean, and how will this affect the consumers? Proposition …

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Au Revoir Plastic Cups—France to Ban Plastic Cups and Dishes

By Fredrica Syren: France is once again proving to be a pioneer as a country by making changes that will benefit the planet. They already have banned plastic bags and food waste for grocery stores, and now have taken another positive green step as the first country to ban plastic …

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The Inconvenient Truth about the Convenience of Plastic

By Fredrica Syren: Let’s be real about plastic, shall we? It’s wonderful how it’s light, cheap — and everywhere. You buy big rolls of it to wrap and cover foods; you get plastic for your produce; and you carry your groceries home in it. You buy plastic toothbrushes, toys, and …

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