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Meatless Monday — Pizza Pizza

By Fredrica Syren: Friday nights are pizza night at our house, and since James got a pizza stone for Christmas a couple of years ago, we make pizza from scratch. Making your own pizza might be a little more work than making the normal dinner but the reward is great. …

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Sun dried tomato and red pepper pizza sauce

Bella wished for pizza for yesterday’s dinner and I was excited to make it for her. However I had almost no tomato to make sauce from so I had compromise and made sauce from sun dried tomatoes and red pepper I had instead. It worked beautifully and Bella was super …

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Quinoa Pizza Balls

Today my husband stated “super bowl is over so now I can cancel cable”. We’ve been talking for months to stop cable and only use the TV for movies so I was happy it’s finally happening. It’s such relief not having TV and watching reruns and other crappy things that …

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Swiss chard pesto

Back to normal again, whatever that means. Bella and James just left for school and Noah is trying to to talk him self to sleep while I’m working and cleaning up. Bella wanted pizza for dinner last night but I felt like pasta with pesto so we compromised and I …

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Pizza for dessert

No you did not read it wrong and it’s not a miss. On Friday we made pizza for dinner and oh boy did I bake a lot of pizzas. I learned that wearing black and baking is not a good idea so at the end I was covered in white …

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White pizza

I found this pizza with white sauce recipe on the amazing site vegalicious and I give it thumbs up. There are some amazing and creative recipes there. The white sauce on this pizza was a key ingredients however, I did change the sauce and I used spelt flour for the …

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Family pizza night

Bella requested pizza for friday night dinner so that’s what we had. Making your own pizza is fun because kids can help out, it’s cheap and healthier than takeout pizza. It’s also very easy to make your own. I used sour dough culture in this pizza crust but it can …

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Pizza Rolls

I made spelt pizza today and in the end had left over pizza dough so I made these pizza rolls which are just fantastic. They are crusty on the outside and creamy on the inside, a perfect combination in my opinion. The best part is you can “hide” all kinds …

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Pizza tricolore

Ever since we got a pizza stone for Christmas I been thinking about fun pizza’s to bake on it. At California Pizza kitchen they have a pizza with salad on top of it which is my favorite so I re-made it, my version off course. I added pizza sauce, cheese …

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Pizza party!!!

My husband got a pizza stone and pizza cook book for christmas and a pizza baker (me) when he got married so last weekend was pizza party time. Pizza stone making it easy to get great crust since it helps the heat to spread evenly. I even used the pizza …

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