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Natural Pest Control & Companion Plants

By Kim Robson: After those drought-busting rains we had last winter, insects and other pests are going to have a boom season this summer. I’m already seeing lots of spiders and flying insects — and Antpocalypse 2019 began in our home weeks ago. I’ve long since placed our pet’s food …

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7 Tasks to Ready Your Garden for Spring

By Ann Sanders:  Spring is a stunning and bountiful season when your garden gets the opportunity to be at its best. But before the colorful and vibrant season arrives, you face the aftereffects of a harsh winter. The biting cold and the freezing snow can have some extreme impacts on …

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Using Sound Instead of Pesticides

   By Amanda Wilkes: Once again, technology saves the day! Scientists have developed a way to eliminate harmful pesticides for at least one species of bugs. With this new technology, we may be able to one day eliminate toxic pesticides altogether. For now, scientists are focused on the Asian citrus psyllid …

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Easy Ways To Naturally Eliminate Pests from Your Garden

By Demi Crawford :  A garden is a food source not only for humans but also for several other creatures that are a part of the natural world. And some of the so-called “part of nature” are what we refer to as garden pests — bugs, slugs, snails, aphids and …

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DIY Organic Pest Control

By Mike Bonds: If you’ve ever started a garden, you probably know the toils that come along with it. Gardening is a fulfilling way to get your mind off of the everyday stresses and come together with nature to start something great. The problem is with the good, comes the …

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EU Bans Bee-Killing Pesticides: Is the U.S. Next?

By Fredrica Syren As everyone who follows my web site knows, I have a love for bees and I believe bees are in danger of extinction. Toxic pesticides in our environment are a major reason they are dying. Some people have asked me why bees are so important. It’s fairly …

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Falconry for Green Pest Control

 By Kim Robson The hunting of wild game in its natural habitat using a trained bird of prey is called falconry. The art of falconry is thought to have begun in Mesopotamia, Mongolia, and China approximately 4,000 years ago. It probably came to Europe around 400 A.D., when the Huns and …

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Fighting the Pest Without the Toxic Mess

By Kim Robson Controlling pests without the use of dangerous chemical pesticides can be a challenge for green-living families. Those who are chemically sensitive, immune compromised, have asthma, or are just concerned about the use of chemicals around their children and pets owe it to themselves to research alternatives. There …

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