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Balsamic kidney bean pasta

Whoohooo, my soft food days are over and I can eat beans again. “Hello beans I have missed you”. I love beans and lentils and thank God for that since I can’t eat tofu it means it’s usually on the menu a lot. By yesterday all I could think about …

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I love lasagna but I haven’t master the art of making one until this weekend when I finally made a great vegetable lasagna. I think the problem has been that in trying to make it vegan I used cheese substitutes and it never came out very well. This time I made …

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Gnocchi with collard greens and white beans

Me and my friend Jessica love food….a lot. A matter a fact it’s what we talk about probably 75% of the time. We love to read recipes and then try them out. always changing them little. We found this recipe in Eating well and tried it tonight and agreed it …

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Super fast and easy creamy pasta sauce

I’m working a lot right now and spending a lot time traveling between studios.  So as you probably can tell from the lack of posting I don’t have much time to do creative cooking. I favor fast and easy dishes made from whatever I happens to have around. Today I …

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