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Broccoli pasta sauce

James has been out of town for a couple of days and thank god my friend Jessica has been here helping me out so I can get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour. Yesterday I made a broccoli pasta sauce which was very simple and healthy. I used …

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Mushroom pasta sauce

This one of Bella favorite pasta sauces and the funny part is that she does not even care for mushrooms very much unless it’s BBQ portabella mushrooms. I always say I know it’s good when she happily eats it all up before we even finished ours and gets sad when …

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Rigatoni Al Forno

Yesterday we had friends come over to our “Swedish” home for dinner and a Uno card game. I made this dish. It’s great because you can “hide” a lot of vegetables which could otherwise be hard for some to eat such as carrots for Bella. Rigatoni Al Forno6 cup cooked …

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Sun dried tomato pasta sauce

This is a fast and really good pasta sauce I made for Friday night’s pasta dinner. It could not be simpler but it was highly appreciated by both small and big people in my house. As always, we ate quinoa pasta, broccoli and a side of mixed salad with avocado, …

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Balsamic stir fry with quinoa pasta

This was one of those fast lunches using up whatever I had in the fridge before we get another organic bag delivered tomorrow. Spinach, garlic, tomatoes, pepper and chick peas, ended up in this stir fry based with aged balsamic vinegar which made it a little sweet and sour. This …

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Pasta and Lentil bolognese sauce

We love lentils in this family and thank God for that because not only are they inexpensive, yummy but also packed with nutrition. Lentils are easy to digest and was actually the first protein I feed Bella. Lentil contains fiber, iron, vitamin B1, folate and is loaded with protein. I …

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Chanterelle pasta sauce

I’ve craved creamy pasta lately and Saturday night me and Jessica decided to cook together. I love when we do this because we pick a new recipe and tweak it a bit to make it more Jess/Fredrica like. This time it was a creamy mushroom sauce from an old Swedish …

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I was watching a rerun of Top Chef the other day and one of the contestant made a pasta puttanesca. It looked so god I decided to make a vegan version for dinner. Off course I added more vegetables to ours and used quinoa spaghetti for protein and I did …

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Pasta salad

The hot weather has continued and Sunday was specially terrible so slaving over a hot stove was not an option and therefore I made a pasta salad for dinner. Pasta salad with basil dressing 2 cup cooked and cooled whole wheat pasta 1 cup cooked garbanzo beans 2 cup spinach …

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Artichoke pesto

I have an artichoke plant in my garden and in all the years it’s been there it has grown and grown but never grown any actual artichoke. I think It’s suffering from infertility. I’m thinking about pulling it out but I kind off still have hopes.  So instead I bought …

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