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flowery pasta for sick little princess

Last night Bella got sick with high temperature so we spend most of the night up with her and today she and daddy went to Children’s hospital. It turns out she has a bad viral infection so it will take a couple of days of healing before she is back …

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Daddy’s ziti

I’m out of commission today due to pain in my hip. I think my body returning back from being pregnant and then giving birth and not everything is going back where it belongs. Thank you to my angels Amanda and Jess who helped taking care of kids and driving me …

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Look who’s coming for dinner….

It was day two of construction zone in our house so me and Noah spend the day and the wonderful Jess’s house. I was starved when I arrived so she showed me what she had and took Noah so I could do some magic. I love the challenge to cook …

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Lentil pasta sauce with taco flare

I love making pasta sauce from lentils and vegetables. Bella usually loves them and they are fast, easy to make and very high in nutrition. I used red lentils which is my favorite pulse to cook with because it does not need be soaked and cooks fast, in about 10 …

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Open faced vegetable lasagna

I guess with pizza on Friday and lasagna yesterday I’ve been in a Italian kind of mood and I must have been influenced by the movie “Eat, Pray. Love” he he he. This lasagna was a wrong ending really well when the top part did not get cooked but when …

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Sundried tomato pasta sauce

This weekend has been crazy busy, busy with a lot of things to do and people to see. Bella had a play date both yesterday and today. I’ve been busy boiling beans; pinto, black, kidney and garbanzo beans to be exact and now they are frozen in small glass jars. …

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Mushroom pasta sauce

Last week me and James had a date night and we went out for dinner by our self. I had Gnocchi in a divine mushroom sauce and ever since I’ve been dreaming about that sauce so I made my own today. It taste wonderful tossed with pasta or gnocchi. I …

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Sunny saffron pasta sauce

Lunch these days are not planned and I usually just start adding vegetables and spices after I decided on my protein. This pasta sauce is of those creation and it worked really well with quinoa pasta. The color from the saffron is an added bonus which made me feel very …

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Pasta pomodoro

Sometimes when I get lazy or like yesterday when me and Bella got stuck in traffic and came home late I make it very easy on my self and cook a fast dinner with just pasta and vegetables. When we came home Bella was starved and I knew I had …

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mushroom stuffed pasta shells

How is your weekend going so far? We had a great Saturday with starting the day with pancakes, a long nice walk along the bay, some play time at the play ground and then Sea world. It was a long and warm day so when we got home we all …

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