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Quick pasta dinner

I’ve had an amazing day with a fresh clean house and clean beds, I attended a yoga class, got a massage from wonderful Andrea and got to spend some fun times with Noah this morning. I love days like this however I did receive a call from Bella’s school teacher that …

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Pasta casserole

All yesterday afternoon Bella was with a friend and his family at Sea World so it was just us three. When Noah took a nap me and James were amazed how quit the house was and remembered that a year ago, before Noah was born, this was our life. We …

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Broccoli cheese pasta sauce

Here I’m down for the count with a major cold. So annoying when I have so much work to do. Yesterday when I arrived home from my yoga class I was miserable and not hungry at all. Unfortunately my family still looked for me to cook them dinner so I …

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Puttanesca pasta sauce

When I’m in a pinch for dinner I usually resort to using canned tomatoes and make a tasty pasta sauce or stew with it. With a tomato based sauce you can add other vegetables to make the sauce nutritional and low fat. I made Italian puttanesca sauce this way. Traditional …

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consommé with ravioli

Thursdays are the day I get my delivery of goodies from Sea Breezed so Wednesdays are usually the day I clean out any vegetables that are heading towards going bad and try to use them up. This consommé  is filled with just those kinds of vegetables and for protein and …

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Mushroom lasagna

So we’re home again after such a fun weekend with my family. We ate well, played a lot and cuddled off course. For dinner I made lasagna which I’ve been craving ever since we ate at an Italian restaurant on Saturday night. I love my lasagna because it’s creamy without …

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Arrabbiata sauce

This is the super easy but super tasty pasta sauce I cooked on Friday. I love making tomato based pasta sauces when I’m in a rush or simple need to go grocery shopping:) I always have a can or tomatoes and whole wheat or quinoa pasta on hand for days …

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Quick & Spicy Tomato Sauce

When we arrived home after a long day away we all were starved. I had to make something fast and this pasta sauce made from tomato soup is what I came up with. Served with whole wheat pasta and broccoli it was a complete, filling and nutritional dinner everyone liked. …

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Chantarelle pasta sauce

I love going to the farmers market in Sweden in the summer time just to smell and look at all the wonderful things mother nature is providing us with. Today I bough raspberries, strawberries and my favorite, chanterelles. All is locally grown and harvested and what a treat it is. …

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Pasta and lentil salad

Operation empty out fridge and freezer is on it’s way at home because we’re leaving for Sweden early Saturday morning. I like to clean the fridge before I leave so I come home to a clean kitchen and fridge. I had leftover whole wheat pasta and lentils in the fridge …

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