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Parsley Pesto

My friend and I have a little exchange going on where she gives me lettuce, parsley, limes and jalapeno peppers from her garden and I give her artichokes and other goodies I have an overflow of. Yesterday, after our little girls had a play date I was so excited when …

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Vodka Pasta Sauce

We went from super hot to super cold weather in one day. I don’t know if it was the weather change or lack of sleep but my head was hurting like mad all day yesterday and I had zero energy. It did not help that both kids refused to go …

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Baked Mac & Cauliflower Cheese

Real homemade mac & cheese is a weakness of mine but I never make it myself. I think it’s hard to think about all that cheese and creaminess without starting to feel myself bloating. I’ve realized that pureed cauliflower is incredibly creamy so the idea came to use that as …

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5 Minutes Tomato Sauce

You know one of those days when you have a crazy day and realize that dinner was suppose to been served already and you have two big eyed kids standing looking at you completely starved. That’s when you either go out for a not so healthy dinner or you have …

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Pasta in a creamy pesto sauce

James is out of town on a business trip so it’s me and the kiddos at home. We’re having fun and Bella always when it’s just us three becomes my little helper and the best big sister a little toddler boy could as for:) Everything went well but getting Bella …

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Baked pasta and kale

The hardest vegetable for me to get my kids to eat is the leafy greens such as spinach, swiss chard or kale. I usually have to be good at “masking” them in a sauce but I also have to make dishes an adult will find fun. This baked pasta dish …

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Seitan and mushroom stew

I had two five year olds at home yesterday afternoon so I had to act like a referee A LOT.  Or at least until I finally had it and told them either they play nice or not but not to come to me anymore. It worked!!! I was very happy …

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Amanda’s favorite pasta sauce

Yesterday we celebrated Noah’s first birthday with a huge pancake breakfast party. I know it’s 3 weeks late but because we were traveling from Sweden and he was sick when we got home and then we struggled with jetlag it just seemed like a good idea to wait to have …

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Cheesy pasta casserole

This was a very popular casserole indeed with the family who all gobbled it down so fast. I got lucky.  I knew I was making something with pasta and I knew I wanted to use zucchini, everything else came about as I cooked and I came up with the idea …

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Lentil pasta sauce

Oh man I’m beat today after a day of biking the whole family, bread baking, cleaning, grocery shopping and off course, playing.  James is taking a yoga course four Sunday in a row so me and the kids are on our own for the afternoon and normally that’s something I’m …

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