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Spaghetti Puttanesca

  By Fredrica Syren: I’m a huge pasta fan and have loved cooking it ever since my 3-week driving trip in Italy with my husband before we got married. I love all varieties of a really good pasta sauce with developed flavor. This is a very kid friendly recipe for …

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Vegan Tomato Pasta Sauce

By Fredrica Syren: So many on Instagram ask for recipes when I cook something that I decided I need to post some of them here on Green-Mom.com. You can also find lots of my old recipes under recipes on the left hand bar categories. This week is my last week …

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Lentils—World’s Most Healthy Food?

By Fredrica Syren: I still remember the first time I ever tasted lentils. I hated everything about them – taste, texture . . . even the thought of them. Who would want to eat lentils?? A funny thing happened, though: I fell in love with lentils and today they are …

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Meatless Monday — Arrabbiata Sauce

By Fredrica Syren: What I love most about vegetarian food is how colorful and flavorful it is. And if I could eat any specific cuisine for the rest of my life, it would for sure be Italian. I just love pasta with really amazing flavorful sauces, and Arrabbiata is one …

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Meatless Monday–Pasta with Chanterelles and Swiss Chard

By Fredrica Syren We try to eat as much local and organic food as possible, which also means we eat seasonal foods. For late summer here in Sweden, that means mushrooms, particularly chanterelles. Chanterelle mushrooms, the cream of the crop with their buttery flavor,  taste amazing in soups, on toast, …

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Meatless Monday Recipe — Vodka Pasta Sauce

By Fredrica Syren You don’t have to be vegetarian to eat vegetarian food. By having a meatless Monday each week, you save money, your health and the planet. Reducing consumption of meats is one of the simplest ways to go green because not only does it cut your risk of …

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Lentil Bolognese Sauce

By Fredrica Syren A friend and I talked about busy days and how hard it can be to cook something tasty, nutritious and fast at the end of the day when the kids are super hungry and cranky. This is one of my fast recipes that I use often. It’s …

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Mushroom and chive pasta sauce

We’re still struggling with jetlag, which off course means it’s the kids who are working on it and therefore keeping us up at night, yikes. When you’re sleep deprived the brain goes blank so dinner is a very simple pasta sauce with mushrooms and chives. 1 tbsp. canola oil 1 …

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Pasta Veggie Bake

I had planned to make lasagna today and here I was with ready with veggies, cream sauce and tomato sauce just to realize that I was out of lasagna sheets. Well, change of plans and I used penne pasta instead and made a bake pasta dish. It all tastes the …

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