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Green Halloween Tips

 By Kim Robson Halloween is a fall tradition that has been around for hundreds of years. Its origins come from ancient pagan harvest festivals. We all have fond memories of our own childhood Halloweens and, of course, more recent Halloweens with our children and grandchildren. It can be frustrating, however, …

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Celebrity Lifestyle Inspired Parties with a Green Twist!

 By Arianna Pierce Summer is the prime season for fabulous parties and cozy get-togethers. Warm weather, sunshine and trips to the beach seem to bring out the best in everyone! As we see from the covers of grocery store tabloids, celebrities jet to a warmer climate whenever they feel like …

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Kids Eating Healthy at Weddings

By Melissa Barrad As an event planner, I am typically involved in the final catering meeting, where we discuss a multitude of details. Three consistent questions my clients always get from caterers are “Will there be children?” “How many?” and “What are their ages?” If my clients reply yes, a common catering …

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Green/Eco-Friendly Weddings

By Melissa Barrad The trend for environmentally friendly weddings is definitely on the rise and will continue to become even more popular in the next few years. But, what does that really mean to the wedding industry? After planning weddings and events for almost a decade, I can say without …

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New Joys of Giving: Toy Swaps at Christmas

By Kim Robson Are there too many toys in your child’s room that are being ignored? How about the living room, family room, garage, basement, or attic? Do you have storage bins full of perfectly good toys that your kids have lost all interest in? Can’t imagine buying all new ones …

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