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Eco-Friendly Ways To Read Books

By Fredrica Syren: Owning books is a wonderful thing! Especially if you are like me, someone who reads a lot. Buying books has its advantages. First of all, buying books pays the authors who, unless they are a major best seller like J.K. Rowling, need all the sales they can …

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Tips on What to Do with Junk Mail

By Larraine Roulston : Most people regard junk mail as annoying, so simply trash it all without giving it a second glance. Even when the environmental impact of such waste was realized, postal services continued to deliver junk mail because they received additional income for their service. As the junk mail was generally discarded, environmental …

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Unwanted Phonebooks

By Fredrica Syren: For lots of people, there is nothing more frustrating than finding those heavy phonebooks sitting on the doorstep. Let’s get real: how long has it been since you’ve used a phone book to look up a phone number? With today’s access to phone numbers (residential or commercial) …

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Ways To Reuse Cardboard and Paper

By Kim Robson: Naturally, we’ve all gotten used to the idea of recycling paper products. Recycling bins, especially for paper, are everywhere now. Even my grocery store clerks have separate bins for trash and paper, so I can toss my grocery list without guilt. But before you recycle that paper …

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Green Printing: An Eco-friendly Printing Solution

By Adele Vitolo: Printing is mandatory in any business. It is true that digital communications are becoming increasingly popular in current scenario, but there would always be times when printing the traditional way would be necessary. You would then need paper and printer for communication, but you can’t do with …

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Sustainable Paper Towel Helps Farmers: A New Market Opportunity

By Fredrica Syren: On the horizon are new paper and tissue that will be environmentally friendly as well as create a new market for farmers. Made by Kimberly-Clark Professional, the paper towels and tissues are called the Green Harvest line. They will include 20 percent wheat straw in hopes of …

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