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Baked Egg and Avocado

By Fredrica Syren I bet you all are preparing for New Years Eve festivities by now but if you looking for something festive to eat for tomorrow breakfast to celebrate the first day of the 2013 here is a great one. This is a dish I made for Christmas day …

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Pumpkin for My Pumpkins — Let Pumpkin Be More than Just a Decoration

By Fredrica Syren Fall’s most signature ingredient here in the U.S. must be pumpkin. These days, pumpkin can be found in more places than the pumpkin patch, and used for more than just decoration. Pumpkin filled ravioli, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and (my husband’s favorite) pumpkin beer — let’s just face it: …

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Carrot muffins

I promised Bella I would make muffins for her to bring to school, and since I know she loves carrot cake I made a carrot care inspired muffin, which I would presume is a lot healthier. These muffins made my house smell so good and even reminded me of Christmas. …

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Swiss Chard Quiche

Tomorrow the kids and I are flying to Maui for a week. Hubby, who can’t take vacation, is in charge of bunny, home, compost and vegetable garden. Since it’s been so hot lately, my swiss chard is looking sad so I picked it all and used it for my swiss …

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Buckwheat Neatloaf

This is my kids’ favorite meatloaf recipe, and I love it because it’s so fast to make compared to other neatloaf recipes. Buckwheat is gluten free and high in protein, so it’s very healthy protein source. 6 large marinated green olives, diced (mine was a Italian herb marinate) 1 tbs honey …

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Tomatoes, Tomatoes and Bruschetta

My tomatoes are taking over the garden and on top of that our neighbor gave me some of her tomatoes and jalapeno pepper she had too much of too. So yes now we’re eating tons of tomatoes here and I love it!!! For an evening snack I made spicy tomato …

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Rosemary Focaccia Bread

Right now we’re all working hard packing and getting ready for our long flight to Sweden. The fridge and freezer are almost empty. Today’s lunch was soup and homemade focaccia bread; a perfect meal to set out on our journey.  2 packages active dry yeast 1 teaspoon sugar 1 3/4 …

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Tea Bread Buns

This is another home baked bread from Sweden we call tea breads. Why I have no idea. Especially since Swedes are more famous for the amount of coffee they drink rather than tea. It makes no sense to me. Regardless, these little breads are super soft flat buns that taste …

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French Buckwheat Neatloaf

We love neatloaf in this family and my favorite neatloaf recipe is this one using buckwheat. It’s easy and fast to make compared to other recipes, so it’s a perfect when you’re in a rush. We ate our neatloaf with rosemary roasted potatoes and large leafy green salad made with …

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Zucchini Apple Bread

I love my mornings because it’s just me and Noah having fun and cuddling. I love getting wet and snotty kisses from my little man. We usually spend a fair amount of time in the garden taking care of all of our vegetables and fruit plants. Noah is finally old …

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