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Benefits of Baby Amber Teething Necklaces

ByKim Robson: For millions of years, people have believed in the healing and metaphysical properties of amber. In fact, evidence shows that people were using amber during the Paleolithic period. Written evidenceof its benefits dates to 79 AD. Ingestible and distilled forms were used in the 17thand 18thcenturies to treat …

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Pesticides in Produce Linked to Infertility

By Kim Robson: Women who are planning to become pregnant are advised to eat lots of fruits and vegetables with plenty of vitamins and fiber. But there is a rising concern that pesticide residues on those very fruits and veggies are resulting in a higher risk of infertility and a …

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How to Reduce Disposable Items During the Baby Years

By Fredrica Syren: When I had my first baby, I was horrified at how much waste I was suddenly producing. Between the disposable diapers, wipes, baby creams, baby food jars and containers, papers towels and — of course, let’s never forget the endless number of tissues it takes to wipes …

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Green-Mom.Com Shop Launch!

Finally after months of hard work I’m super happy and proud to launch my new Green-mom.com shop where I sell my favorite products like bee’s wraps, European style organic baby clothes, nursing and teething necklaces and other fun products I love and use. Please check it out and share. Love, Fredrica a.k …

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Organic Baby Clothes — Why it Matters and How To Afford Them

By Fredrica Syren: With our firstborn, I was so happy to get pretty much everything, including all her clothes, as hand-me-downs, which saved us lots of money and saved the environment. As most parents know, with a baby comes the need to buy lots of things for them: furniture, car …

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Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Buys

By Amanda Wilkes: In the past five months, I have been in four weddings! Yes, it has been crazy and, yes, it has been a whirlwind. But I have had some amazing fun and have created countless, priceless memories with some of my closest friends. I couldn’t be happier for …

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By Andrea Patin: Renewable, sustainable and organic- three of our favorite descriptive words when it comes to a product for children. It is not very often we hear or think of our mattresses being just that. I have come across Naturalmat (http://www.naturalmatusa.com/) and now my little guy sleeps snug as …

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Higher Demand for Organic Baby Products

By Fredrica Syren: If I had to pick one popular green trend in the last year, it would have to be growing consumer demand for sustainable baby products. According to an article on Greenbiz.com, Whole Foods Market and Gerber say they see an increased demand for green baby products. Whole …

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Starting Your Baby on Solids

By Fredrica Syren As a mom, I think there is nothing cuter or more fun than when a baby starts to eat solid foods. It’s a milestone most parents will remember forever, seeing that little toothless mouth opening in excitement, then making a face as the baby tries to figure …

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