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Noodles and Vegetables In A Spicy Peanut Sauce

By Fredrica a.k.a Green Mom: This dish is one of my kids favorite foods to eat. These stir-fried street noodles are inspired by a dish I once ate in Bangkok, Thailand. I use whatever vegetables I can harvest from the garden, so they will vary from season to season. I …

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Noodles in a miso broth

The days before we’re going on vacation just seems so stressful. We have a hundred things we have to do to get ready and on top of that Noah still being under the weather had to see our pediatrician. I was worried about his stuffy nose and then today he …

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Orange sand cilantro seitan and noodles

We have a small orange tree growing next to our house and it has produced two oranges which were too tart to eat but not to cook with. The result is orange seitan which taste a little sweet and sour I guess. I do think this would taste great made …

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Stirfry noodles and vegetables with peanut sauce

I’ve been craving peanut butter and Thai food so today’s dinner was stir fry noodles with peanut sauce. The sweet peanut sauce is great for kids and can hide a lot of vegetables. Bella is not crazy for carrots but under a layer of peanut sauce it was OK. I …

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Thai Inspired noodles

A couple of years ago we went to Thailand and ate our self silly. The food is so good and the flavor intense. I have to confess that after a couple of weeks on the Thai food we were craving “regular” food (what ever that means) and actually went for …

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