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Animal Abuse Whistleblowing Attacked by Proposed Ag-gag Bills

By Asha Kreiling ​Few things disturb me as much as violence towards animals. I can’t tolerate more than a few seconds of footage of the animal abuse that seems to occur so nonchalantly in factory farms and slaughterhouses, but even the short clips I have managed to watch have had a …

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Cetacean Slavery

By Kim Robson Sea World is a popular marine park chain with ten facilities around the United States. Sea World San Diego and Orlando enjoy international acclaim and annual visitor counts in the millions. Their stated mission is to promote the conservation, education, and research of marine environments. Granted, Sea …

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NYC Soda Ban Struck Down

By Kim Robson Last June, we told you about New York City’s Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg’s plans to limit serving sizes of sugary drinks. The proposed ban, which had been set to begin on March 12th, would have applied to pre-sweetened drinks containing 25 calories or more per eight-ounce serving. Such drinks would be …

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Food Deserts in America

By Asha Kreiling Have you ever seen fresh fruits and vegetables for sale in a convenience store? Oftentimes there’s nothing but a bountiful array of chips, candy and soda; but maybe you’ll find a sparse produce section with some drab, overpriced fruit of mysterious origins. Imagine if this and fast …

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My heart and prayers goes out to all the families affected by the horrible tragedy at the Connecticut Elementary school. What has the world come to when we no longer can take our children to school, a movie or to the mall without fear of their life being in danger. …

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Lawsuit Against 7UP’s Claim on Antioxidants

By Fredrica Syren Makers of popular sodas such as 7UP, Dr Pepper and Snapple have failed to enter the health food market with claims of added antioxidants after a law suit for misleading consumers was filed against them. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, which advocates food safety and …

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New Study Links Mercury Exposure to ADHD

By Fredrica Syren Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, is on the rise in the U.S. Today, one of every 10 children is diagnosed with ADHD, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is one of the most common childhood brain disorders. The question is what …

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No On Prop 37

I’m very disappointed to announce that Proposition 37 that would require genetic engineered foods to be labeled did not pass.  53.7% people voted against this important proposition compared to 46.3%.  The sad part is that the reasons to vote no are so weak compared to giving people a choice of whether …

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