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Easter Menu

We’re little slow getting up and going today and I’m one tired mama right now after Noah was not feeing good last night and kept calling out for me. Off course it’s one of those gorgeous San Diego days with not a cloud in the sky and perfect temperatures. We …

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Valentine’s dinner

Happy valentine’s everyone! For us with small children at home my gift to all those on a romantic dates is that I keep my children away from restaurants tonight to let them have a nice and QUIT dinner 🙂 Me and Bella had a girls day out which included ice …

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Christmas falafel

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all are having as nice Christmas holiday as we are. It’s been all about family, friends and eating well. These falafels were part of our Christmas dinner and was a great hit with Bella. To begin with it was suppose to made with …

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Bella’s 4th birthday party!!!

Yesterday our baby girl turned 4 years old and we celebrated with a big party and the science museum which is her favorite place. We were 35 people having a blast. The museum offered to arrange the but we knew that would not work withour idea what good for is …

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White bread rolls and Easter dinner menu

I always like to have two kinds of breads for holiday dinner so this year I made my whole wheat bread and a white bread roll that came so perfect chewy and crusty. I guess my guests must have liked them because at the end of dinner there were no …

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dinner menu for this week

The weather has been lovely this week and apparently it’s suppose to continue for the remaining of the week. When it’s was cold all I wanted was warm and creamy food but now I crave a lot of vegetables and fruits in their natural state, raw. So lunch this week …

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Weekly menu

I got a question about how I get my protein. This is the most command question I get. I eat a lot of beans, lentils, nuts, mushrooms, quinoa, barley and seitan. All of these contains very good protein. Quinoa is a complete protein source of about 12-18% making ideal for …

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New Years Dinner

This is a very long post because I finally decided on the menu for New Years eve and wanted to add all recipes. It’s been a long time since me and James been out to a party or restaurant for new years eve and I can’t say I miss it. …

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Merry healthy Christmas everyone!!!

On the Christmas eve we have a vegetarian christmas dinner at our house and in a couple of hours the guest will arrive. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!! This is what is on the menu: at our house tonight. Vegetarian ham (I bought it frozen in Sweden …

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This weeks menu

I love it when I’m already with the menu on early Sunday. However this week will be short since we’re flying to Hawaii on early Thursday morning. We’ll be gone for a week but I will try to blog from the island about cooking and eating hawaiian food. Yummy!!!!! For …

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