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Indian Street Food — Bhel

By Indrajeet Chandrachud I grew up on Prabhat Road. Our park was Kamla Nehru Park or KNP, as the college kids that ordered their chai “one by two” called it. My fondest memories of bhel are outside the large iron gate of KNP. Bhola bhel was our “bhelwala.” No real reason. …

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Swiss Chard Quiche

Tomorrow the kids and I are flying to Maui for a week. Hubby, who can’t take vacation, is in charge of bunny, home, compost and vegetable garden. Since it’s been so hot lately, my swiss chard is looking sad so I picked it all and used it for my swiss …

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Buckwheat Neatloaf

This is my kids’ favorite meatloaf recipe, and I love it because it’s so fast to make compared to other neatloaf recipes. Buckwheat is gluten free and high in protein, so it’s very healthy protein source. 6 large marinated green olives, diced (mine was a Italian herb marinate) 1 tbs honey …

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Sweet & Spicy Veggie Stir Fry

Me and Bella had a ladies luncheon today and ate Greek food. OMG so good and filling. When we arrived home I found a sleeping Noah and a starved James so I quickly made him some food. Stir frys are perfect ‘fast” food to make and it’s easy to add …

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Moroccan Spiced Lentils

My gosh, we have a very sick crew here and funny thing is we all have come down with different illnesses. I have a bad cold, Bella has pink eye and an ear infection, Noah has a stomach bug and is throwing up and James foot hurts. Since we’re leaving …

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Lentil and Cashew Curry

One of Isabella’s friends became a big sister two weeks ago and her class arranged for parents to volunteer cooking for the family. Off course I jump on that and made them a curry dish. I know curry can sound a little spicy for kids, but I make it mild. …

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Lemon Lentil Soup

On Friday we were both super tired so we took the kids out for dinner. We ate a very nice lentil and lemon soup and I knew I had to go home to try to make it again. I really like good lentil soup and even if it’s not the …

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Pasta Veggie Bake

I had planned to make lasagna today and here I was with ready with veggies, cream sauce and tomato sauce just to realize that I was out of lasagna sheets. Well, change of plans and I used penne pasta instead and made a bake pasta dish. It all tastes the …

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Barley Risotto

Of all the grains we eat at home, quinoa and rice rank highest on our list. Though today I felt like cooking barley. I love barley because it has a very hearty and nutty flavor. It is perfect in soups or instead of rice. I don’t cook it that often …

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Late night dinner for one

On Tuesday night after I had cleaned up the kitchen and was ready to head to bed I got a text from my late working husband asking if there were any dinner leftover for him. Unfortunately I didn’t expect James to eat at home so there was no food left …

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