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Natural Cosmetics

By Kim Robson: Recently we’ve discussed natural fabric dyesand natural perfumes. But what about the makeup we apply to our faces? You may be surprised to hear that makeup — especially lipstick — can contain dangerous chemicals, toxic heavy metals and animal byproducts. Studies conducted by the Campaign for Safe …

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Fatal Beauty-Lead In Lipstick

By Amanda Wilkes: As I  look at that perfect shade of lipstick and feel it smooth along my lips, I only wish that it was poisoning me. We have removed lead from our paints, our homes and our gasoline, how on earth is it still allowed in our lipstick? It’s …

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What You Need to Know About Lead

By Larraine Roulston: Lead (chemical symbol Pb) is one of those hidden pollutants that could be in your home — especially if your house was built prior to 1980. If left untouched, lead in wall paints most likely will not cause a problem at all. Should you start scraping off old paint around windowsills …

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Toxic Free Kids—How to Choose Safe Toys

By Fredrica Syren: As a parent of three beautiful children, I worry about so many things: Do they eat enough? Is the air the breath clean? Will they fall from that tree they are climbing? Is the car seat safe? What I really do not want to worry about is …

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Hazardous Lead in Schools

By Larraine Roulston: Tamara Rubin, executive director of the nonprofit Lead Safe America Foundation in Portland, Oregon, visits preschool facilities. Earlier this May, she pointed an X-ray fluorescence heavy-metal detector at a faded red rug in Angela Molloy Murphy’s preschool. The heart shaped rug was loaded with lead. Over time, …

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How To Avoid Lead Exposure for Your Kids

By Fredrica Syren Ever since a recall of toys because they contained lead levels higher than federal recommendations, there has been a fear of our kids’ exposure to it. Lead is a toxic metal used in construction material, paint and batteries. It can cause serious health problems, especially in young …

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