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Brush Clearing With Goats

 By Kim Robson Many of us live in areas where we are required to practice brush clearing around our homes to guard against wildfires. In California, homeowners must have a 100-foot clearance around all structures. That can mean clearing an acre or more of land, a daunting prospect. What little time we …

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Brush Clearing – Protecting Your Home From Wildfires

 By Kim Robson Here in Southern California, we’ve grown warily accustomed to late summer and early fall wildfires fueled by tinder-dry brush and Santa Ana winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour. In 2003, the Cedar Fire devastated most of San Diego County. Fifteen people lost their lives; 2,820 …

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Permaculture-A Gardening Philosophy

By Asha Kreiling: So much of industrial agriculture and conventional home landscaping is about fighting the burdens of nature. How do we kill pests, produce more food, and have greener lawns and prettier roses? This type of thinking goes against the principles of the natural environment, and sustainability is often …

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Why Choose To Plant and Live with Native Plants?

By Christopher Marciello: Quite simply, they grew here.  They have adapted to the environment that we are choosing to live in.  Plants, like everything else, die.  Any time one is transplanted (or just plain old planted), there is a possibility of its dying.  That’s just how it is and those …

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The Beauty of Heirloom seeds

By Kim Robson When you hear the term “heirloom” and it’s not about Aunt Eunice’s sideboard, we’re referring to fruit and vegetable varieties that are more than 50 years old — the same fruits and vegetables our grandmothers grew.  These plants were around long before the huge agribusinesses creating most …

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Composting–Where Trash Becomes a Miracle for the Garden….and the Planet

By Kim Robson Compost is like miracle soil.  It helps sandy soil hold nutrients and moisture, and loosens heavy clay so plants can breathe.  The beneficial micro-organisms in compost helps your plants grow strong and healthy.  As it decomposes, compost feeds your plants naturally and organically.  At green-mom.com, we’ve been …

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Community Gardens & Lawns

By Kim Robson Can growing your own food help change the world?  As a matter of fact, it can.  With the large-scale industrialization of food, we have allowed huge, faceless corporations to control one of our most fundamental needs.  Re-localizing our food supply means taking control back where it belongs.  …

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