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Why Teaching Kids Cooking Skills Is So Important

 By Fredrica Syren:  My husband can’t cook for the life of him. Ok, well, he can kind of scramble some eggs and make pancakes from a mix. But that’s it. He says it’s because, as a child, he had no interest in learning to cook, and no one felt the need to teach him. This is the reason he believes whole heartedly that all three of …

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Family On Adventure–Travel Activities for Kids

By Fredrica Syren aka Green mom: “Are we there yet?” Oh, those dreaded words from the kids! They seem to come as soon as the journey starts. This summer we’re spending 8 weeks traveling in a camper van, which, at times, means long hours driving. I have experienced my fair …

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Why You Should Take Your Kids Camping

 By Amanda Wilkes: Camping has always been one of my favorite weekend getaways. From the time I was a young child until literally last weekend, I have been camping several times each year. There are so many things that continually excite me about camping. For now, it is just my …

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Bedtime Stories Benefits

 By Amanda Wilkes: I remember as a child being enamored with my bedtime story. It didn’t matter if it was my mom, dad, aunt, uncle or cousin who was reading to me or telling me a story — I wanted to use my last ounce of imagination before I drifted …

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I’m Bored Mommy! — Quick Kids’ Craft Ideas

By Fredrica Syren: With three kids, I feel as if I’m constantly on the go with cleaning, feeding, dressing, changing diapers, picking up toys, and of course — the fun of cleaning it up again. My kids have tons of energy and imagination, but there are times when they look …

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7 Outdoor Montessori Activities for Toddlers

By Aradhana Pandey:  When my husband and I had our first child, we had decided to expose him to the outdoor world from a very young age. Having had some of our best childhood learnings and memories associated with nature and outdoor adventure, we wanted our little one to enjoy …

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