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JUNK FOOD: The Silent Killer

By Amanda Wilkes Childhood obesity is no secret. Everyone knows there is a problem, yet no one really has done anything about it. Since the 80’s, childhood obesity has doubled and has tripled for adolescents. There is a strong correlation between childhood obesity and adult obesity which, in turn, causes …

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Processed Foods and How To Avoid Them

By Chef Centehua Processed foods are foods transformed from their raw state, usually to last longer, for convenience. Drying, freezing, heating and fermenting are ways we naturally process foods in order to preserve them; however, here I would like to discuss the processed foods which contain toxic additives that are a detriment to …

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NYC’s Proposed Soda Ban

 By Kim Robson New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced a plan to limit the sales of sugary sodas in his city, in an effort to combat rising rates of obesity. Because more than half of residents are obese, Mayor Bloomberg is determined to improve New Yorkers’ health and is trying …

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Obesity – An American Epidemic

By Asha Kreiling I remember going into a Food 4 Less last year for the first time. I wanted to pick up some snacks on my way to work, but as a picky, vegetarian, health-conscious shopper, this was no easy task. It seemed as if every food product in the …

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Genetically Modified Food: Risks and Concerns

By Asha Kreiling:  Genetically modified (GM), or genetically engineered organisms, are as their name implies: organisms whose genes have been altered in labs to exhibit certain genetic traits. Using biotechnology, an organism can be altered to express inherent genes differently to produce desired characteristics, but often genetic modification means inserting …

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