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A Valentine for Yourself

By Dawna Matthews Last month we focused on planting seeds of transformation while nurturing ourselves with beautiful, simple practices. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and giving love, I would like to continue nourishing those seeds by giving you the gift of love — the love for yourself. February is …

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Planting Seeds in the New Year

By Dawna Matthews For the last few weeks, we have focused on celebrating holidays, surrounding ourselves with loved ones, and bringing closure to the year as we make room for the new. Most of us use the new year as a beautiful opportunity to resolve to grow and transform. I …

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Goodbye, 2012! Hello, 2013!

By Julie Zeff Can you believe it? It’s here again … that really special time. As December 2012 turns into January 2013, something almost magical happens. It is as if a door to the old closes, and doors to new opportunities open, inviting you in. It is a time of …

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Winter Solstice – Reignite Your Inner Light

By Dawna Matthews This time of year is filled with movement and excitement. We swirl from work to home, traveling, shopping, decorating, joining in on holiday parties, and participating in so many high-energy activities. Oftentimes, however, instead of having fun, we may feel as if we need centering, that we …

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Top 5 Holiday Survival Tips

By Julie Zeff Happy December, Everyone! What a festive time year this can be. We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving in San Diego. My in-laws from Chicago, my parents who live in Vegas and our cousins all came together at my sister-in-law’s house for our annual Thanksgiving celebration. My kids adore having everyone together and, …

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A Greener Christmas Toy Wish

Dawna Matthews Toys are always high on the wish list of many children’s letters to Santa, but the components of many available toys are questionable. Many are made with hazardous materials, plastics, and toxic paint – oh my! All of the choices we make each day do make a difference …

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The Gift of Giving

By Sherry Wright How do you celebrate Christmas? With decorations? a tree? a party? presents? special foods? We do, too. But when our children were young, we wanted to teach them a bit more about what the season means, so we started our own Christmas tradition, the gift of giving. …

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The Gift of Time: Extending the Holiday

By Sherry Wright We know the scene: piles of packages, a feeding frenzy opening them, exclamations of ooh! and aah!, expressions of thank you, and hugs and kisses, and excitement!!! Then it stops. My husband and I asked ourselves if this was really what we wanted, a nano-second of the …

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