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Plant based Vegan Thanksgiving Food

 By Fredrica Syren: Just little over 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and I for one are already planning for Thanksgiving dinner. In our home, we now celebrate Thanksgiving and all other holidays zero waste and organic and plant based vegan so with no meat and no packaging. In the past years we …

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Green Halloween Tips

 By Kim Robson Halloween is a fall tradition that has been around for hundreds of years. Its origins come from ancient pagan harvest festivals. We all have fond memories of our own childhood Halloweens and, of course, more recent Halloweens with our children and grandchildren. It can be frustrating, however, …

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Kid’s Easter Crafts–All-Natural Egg Dyes

By Fredrica Syren: Ahh, spring is here — or at least we’re getting a hint of it. Of course, the Easter holiday is a sure sign it’s just around the corner. Nothing says Easter more than dying eggs with kids, and in my family we use all-natural coloring made from …

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Homemade Holiday Treats

By Kim Robson: This is the perfect time of year to hole up inside a warm kitchen and make goodies for family and friends. I especially enjoy puttering around the kitchen during football games. Right now I’m working on making acorn meal from all the nuts I collected over the …

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Easter Kid’s Crafts–Marzipan Eggs

By Fredrica Syren: My mom and I used to make marzipan candy together for the holiday’s but since she passed away I have not made any until today. I love marzipan and was so happy when I found vegan marzipan from Odenseat Whole Foods. I used all natural food colors from Seelect to marble …

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Green Easter

By Valerie Yoder: Easter is a time to celebrate rebirth and renewal, to shake off the winter and awaken with a new sense of appreciation for the surrounding springtime beauty. In that spirit, my family and I have been seeking ways to have fun on Easter while remaining healthy as …

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Celebrity Lifestyle Inspired Parties with a Green Twist!

 By Arianna Pierce Summer is the prime season for fabulous parties and cozy get-togethers. Warm weather, sunshine and trips to the beach seem to bring out the best in everyone! As we see from the covers of grocery store tabloids, celebrities jet to a warmer climate whenever they feel like …

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Spring Blossoms: Seasonal Harmony

By Dawna Matthews Hints of spring are sprouting up here and there at my house. Just yesterday, I saw shoots of the tulip and daffodil bulbs I planted in November peeking through the dirt. At the start of the new year we planted seeds for the spring, resolutions and preparations …

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Valentineʼs Day Green Gift Guide

By Dawna Matthews Do you want to share the love this Valentineʼs Day but still stay eco-friendly? Luckily, this is easier than ever before. Whether you are gifting for the more traditional loved one or the more unique, avant-garde hipster-sweetie, the options below have you covered to give some sweetness to your …

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