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Growing and Making Herbal Teas

By Fredrica Syren: If you have been following me, you know that my family members are all tea lovers. Throughout the day, we drink many cups of tea, mostly green, white and red teas. Last summer I made lots of herbal teas from foraged flowers and herbs, but I also …

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Homemade Herbal Teas

By Fredrica Syren: My family, especially my kids and I, are huge tea drinkers. Besides enjoying the usual green, rooibos and chai teas, we also like drinking herbal teas; so this summer while in Sweden, I decided to start making my own teas from all kinds of flowers, leaves and …

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Eat Your Weeds — Dandelion Syrup

By Fredrica Syren It’s so funny how dandelion flowers are, for anyone on a quest for the perfect grassy yard, your worst enemy — but, for a child, a source of major fun. I remember as a child loving dandelions. Their leaves were food for my rabbit; their yellow flowers …

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Aromatherapy: Healing through Essential Oils

By Dawna Matthews I have been playing in my garden quite a bit lately — smelling herbs and flowers, feeling the sunshine, and watching my daughter laugh and run with wild abandon. Oftentimes, we will cut flowers, vegetables and herbs. Chloe and I always take a moment to bring the cuttings close to our …

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Sting in Stinging Nettle

By Chef Centehua My journey toward optimum health has led me to healing naturally through food and herbs. I view food as medicine. As a naturalist and an aspiring herbalist, I trust that the earth has everything I need to restore vitality in my body and maintain every system working …

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Getting Over the Flu Naturally

By Chef Centehua I recently got over a flu naturally. It took about four days of taking it as easy as possible. It’s been years since I had to battle a virus or infection. I simply woke up one morning and my body felt achy, my head heavy and my sinuses …

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The Health and Tradition of Yerba Mate

By Asha Kreiling Although I love the aroma and flavor of coffee, I stopped drinking it because it upset my stomach, gave me headaches, and made me jittery and a little bit addicted. Then I discovered yerba mate and fell in love. I like the drink primarily for its robust …

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Healing With Fresh Mint

By Fredrica Syren I planted a peppermint plant in garden earlier this year so now I’m drowning mint. It’s ok, however, because I love mint for salad and teas. My kids love when I make mint ice tea, which is a perfect way to cool off during this heatwave we’re …

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The Many Benefits of Aloe Vera

By Asha Kreiling The aloe vera plant is one that belongs in everyone’s garden. It is beneficial in so many ways and is extremely easy to grow. The plant amazes me for its ability to thrive with so little maintenance. I have several aloe plants growing in my garden, and …

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The Efficacy of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

By Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac. Above all, the objective and the value of any medicine is the resolution of the patient’s imbalance with the least amount of harm to the patient. The bottom line needs to be returning the patient to a state that is normal and/or healthier than before the illness, with …

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