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Sustainable Hemp

By Kim Robson: Hemp, which contains little or no THC, is a variety of plant in the same species as marijuana (cannabis). Industrially, it can be refined into products such as foods, oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper and fuel. Before “reefer madness” anti-drug policies took hold in the …

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End of U.S. Hemp Prohibition

By Fredrica Syren: History was made this month after a farmer harvested hemp. What is so special about that, you might wonder, since hemp can be found pretty much everywhere these days. Well, in 1957 the U.S. government banned hemp from being grown.The ban is still in effect and won’t …

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Skip the Mooo– Delicious Non-dairy Milk

By Asha Kreiling Whether you’re intolerant, allergic, or simply have grown averse to conventional dairy milk, there are plenty of delicious alternatives. Conventional cow’s milk sold at grocery stores typically comes from industrialized dairy farms where cows are over-milked and live in crowded, stressful conditions. Inflamed udders, disease, infection, and …

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Hemp for Health and Sustainability

By Asha Kreiling From fiber to food, hemp is a wonder plant. You can eat the seeds, drink the milk, wear the clothes, write on the paper, and even build your home with the fibers. The multifunctional plant grows rapidly year-round, producing a large bulk of useful plant material, and …

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