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Creating a Green Office Space to Benefit You and Co-Workers

By Natalie Wilson:  Many companies all over the world are transforming their tired and outdated offices into new green environments that benefit both employees and the business. The typical office is home to many opportunities to go green: from adjusting lighting systems to changing office supplies, there are perhaps hundreds …

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Greener Work Place–Increase Your Office Recycling

By Kim Robson: We’re all doing our best to live as sustainably as possible and not damage the planet. To accomplish and/or maintain this, we can change our habits at home and in our daily lives, but what about our office lives? If you’re not the boss, greening up your …

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How to Green Your Work Place

By Kim Robson: We all try our best to live our lives as sustainably as possible. We can change our habits at home and in our daily lives, but the office can be a bit more of a challenge. Let’s face it: we have to keep the lights on, and …

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