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Raw pistachio ice cream

My friend Wendy is the founder of Centehua Living which is a raw food blog, community and catering. I love talking to her because she is one of those very inspiring people who I have have to good fortune to be friends with. I hope she will write something about …

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Mmmmmmm dessert

Another fun filled day in San Diego, just another day in paradise! We spend the day at the bay, swimming and playing in the water. We even saw what Bella claimed to be a pirate ship except she did not believe there were any pirates on board because she did …

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And the verdict is….

I was called to jury duty today so I spend most of my day working in the jury room while waiting to get called or dismissed. I made it to criminal court and afternoon before I got to go home. Since I was gone all day, the afternoon was all …

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Quinoa salad

On Saturday we had a picnic with our favorite neighbors the Torres. They have two kids who are similar ages as Bella and Noah. A matter a fact, Noah and their youngest were born just a week a a part. We spend at lunch at Mission Bay by a play …

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Cheesy polenta with garlic and herbs

Some days I know exactlly what I’m going to eat for lunch and some days, like today I just start with something basic and build on it until it becomes something so amazing I want to lick the plate. It helped that I had a partner in crime (Jess) who …

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Roasted vegetable soup

This weekend has been one of those amazing weekend where I’ve been super busy but had lots of fun, laughed a lot, cuddle a lot and ate well. God I love those weekend. I also spend Friday, Saturday and now Sunday nights watching a movie; Eat, Pray, Love ( I …

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Strawberry & rhubarb tart

So now the last of my rhubarb stash have been used for this lovely tart I made today. I made the tart actually wheat and gluten free as well as vegan but you can easily make it with regular flour too.. We enjoyed it with Mimic cream’s whipped topping. I’m …

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Curry quinoa with apples and broccoli

I had a great day at the beach today, welcoming friends from Sweden who are here to visit us for a week. I also received an amazing and so well deserved massage from my dear friend Andrea. I believe I actually fell a sleep and snored for a while. I …

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Truffle cake fit for a royal wedding

I saw on CNN that the British royal wedding will feature a groomes cake that is chocolate with tea biscuit inside. It looked and sounded so good so I decided to make my own version of it. Now I don’t know how tea biscuits taste like or where to find …

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Buckwheat neatloaf

Today was one of those days that just starts bad and you keep checking the clock to see how much longer before the day is over. Lucky me I have Noah who’s smiles made the day much more survivable. To celebrate the end of the day and my favorite time; …

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